Digital Transformation Solutions

Ascend’s digital practice enables digital strategy, roadmap and full lifecycle implementation of client’s digital solutions integrated to core business processes in marketing, sales, customer engagement and other internal functions. We ensure that our cohesive digital strategy ensures we assist our clients in streamlining operations by enabling digital strategy and providing advance customer experiences.

Key Digital Outcomes

Enable Digital Strategy

  • Digital Strategy Enablement across all internal and external processes
  • Advance Customer Obsession via Digital
  • Platform Automation in Marketing, Corp. Communications, Audit, Compliance etc.
  • B2B/B2C Digital Architecture
  • Lifecycle Management of Digital Assets
  • Relevant Metrics/KPIs/Dashboard

Streamline Operations

  • Streamline Digital and Marketing Operations
  • Process Optimization across business functions
  • Simplified workflows and approvals
  • Digital Agencies/Vendor process

Experiences Management

  • Comprehensive Customer View, “Moments of Truth” Captured
  • Omni-channel management across all customer touchpoints
  • Digital Analytics advance customer experiences

Focus Areas

Strategy enablement

Across all internal and external processes in a unified digital environment through people process and governance

Unique assessments

That provide maturity scoring, solutioning blueprint which is pragmatic and actionable

Digital Integration

Enterprise digital CMS integrations and enterprise SaaS/Software integrations such as Jira, SFDC, Adobe, Confluence, Sharepoint etc.

Digital operating models

that optimize process and enable efficient workflow management with digital content aggregation and optimization

Customer Experiences

Employing digital analytics to enhance customer experiences and increase engagement

Process optimization

Across functions to ensure simplified workflow and approval process

Comprehensive customer view

Comprehensive customer view supported by an array of digital marketing tools including Sentiment Analytics, Conversion rates, Content Analytics, etc.

Digital Experiences Management

with UX/UI information architecture that focuses on experience approach design strategy