Technology Strategy Solutions

Ascend creates transformative value for our clients with our business-focused technology strategy solutions. Using our proven Accelo strategy framework and seasoned Enterprise Architecture toolkit, we advance business outcomes with the corporate DNA of increased alignment between strategy, execution and operations. We are often called up on, in a number of event driven situations such as M&A, pre IPO, split/divestiture or re-structuring or simply companies experiencing hyper-growth. Our actionable recommendations yield results that drive revenue growth, achieve M&A/TSA outcomes, enable productivity gains and reduce costs while minimizing risks to business performance.

Ascend’s Business-Technology Alignment

Key Outcomes

Right/EA Technology Dilligence

  • Right M&A/Spin-Off Analysis aid the event outcomes – right valuation, risks reduced, pre-dealdue diligence for right valuation, post-deal integration
  • Technology Assessments uncover ’tech debts’ and risks
  • EA Resets, EA Roadmaps
  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side Support
  • TSA and Transaction Management
  • Flexibility Analysis (Opportunity Factors
  • Synergy, Value and Risk Analysis
  • Relevant Metrics/KPIs/Dashboard to M&A events
  • Data Privacy Assessment


  • Pragmatic Architecture Delivery
  • Portfolio Management Approach
  • Synergy Targets Realized, Value enhanced and Risks mitigated
  • M&A: HRD1, Legal Day 1 "Execution Playbook"
  • Portfolio Management
  • Future State Definition and Target Exits
  • 2-3 yr. Roadmaps

Leadership and

  • Build, Operate and Transform (BOT Model)
  • CIO Advisory/Mentoring to Portfolio Companies
  • Tech Operating Governance to Portfolio Companies
  • Digital and Analytics advance customer experiences
  • Interim Leadership-as-a-Service (ILaaS) - Covid Crisis Management

Data Privacy

  • Comprehensive assessment of all PII data across the company
  • Clarity on risks exposure and the risks impact
  • Regulatory compliance requirements coverage
  • Technology, Process deficiencies, technical debts and architecture impacts
  • Tangible remediation plan and future state roadmap
  • Assess the current state addressing the major regulatory compliance requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap and a remediation action plan
  • Assess current state data, systems, process and people focusing towards customers/consumers PII

Focus Areas

M&A Analysis

Assisted by right valuation, risks reduced, pre-deal due diligence for right valuation and post-deal integration to ensure pragmatic event outcomes

M&A events

Relevant Metrics/KPIs/Dashboard to M&A events to ensure synergy, right value and focussed risk analysis

Portfolio Management

with enhanced value that mitigates risk and provides roadmaps for pragmatic architecture delivery

CIO Advisory

Tech operating governance, CIO Advisory and mentoring for portfolio companies

Innovation centres

That assist in performing trials and checking efficiency for solutions architecture execution

Cloud readiness

Ensuring Cloud readiness and DC
Migration services

Digital Roadmap

With streamlined business practices on a unified digital platform with content and asset management

Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture Jumpstart/Reset

Office of the CTO (O-CTO) Enablement, Enterprise Architecture & Planning, Business Architecture foundation, Technology Assessment & Audits – IVV, Health Checks & remediation plans, Technology Planning & Roadmapping

Data Privacy

A Comprehensive Data Privacy assessment toolkit with Precision Radars™ key regulatory compliance drivers such as PCI, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PII, FERPA, GLBA etc.