Ascend uses the proven, field-tested Accelo™ Methodology for conducting various kinds of assessments across IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Digital and Information/Data initiatives. Assessments provide clarity of vision on understanding the current state limitations and constraints both business and technology and across people, process and technology aspects. We then dedicate significant focus in understanding your go-forward strategy, win-themes and develop future state to align and advance to that strategy. Gap analysis to achieving the future state is then conducted to develop a tangible and actionable roadmap. This Current State Assessment (CSA) – Future State Definition (FSD) – Roadmaps occur in an iterative and highly collaborative process with your teams. We are often called up on for IVV or Independent Validation and Verification audits to “tell it as it is” and implement architecture that is long-lasting and durable.


Roadmapping applies to, strategy and architecture, solutions definition projects where some are Enterprise-wide focus with
cross-cutting concerns in business processes/functions while others are specific process/functions/applications for a given BU/LOB.

Roadmapping services

Roadmapping applies to, but not limited to service engagements such as:

  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • Specific Architecture and Technology Roadmaps (e.g. SOA, IAM, MDM)
  • Data Strategy and Data Architecture, Master Data
  • Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Privacy/GDPR assessment

Implementation Services

Ascend has a team of Implementation consultants who are adept in their areas of expertise and have often have dealt with ‘knotty problems’ that you might be facing. These consultants keep the architecture and strategy ‘honest’ and if it is not implementable or practical, Ascend will the first one to ‘tell it as it is’ so you can ‘build it to last’.

Our service areas

  • EA and Solutions Architecture Implementation
  • Business Architecture tooling and solutions implementation
  • SOA, BPM Implementations
  • Digital DAM, CMS implementation
  • MDM and DW Implementation
  • BI and Analytics Implementation


At Ascend, we strongly believe leadership is something that is developed, nurtured and refined over years of right guidance and mentoring. We impart that mantra in all our consultants to develop a keen sense of situational awareness, client results focus, teamwork and collaboration, influencing without authority, working with ambiguity and chaos and promoting and harnessing a positive work culture among all stakeholders – fellow Ascendants, client teams, technology vendors, other consultants in the project teams.

Our service engagements

  • IT Leadership Assessment
  • Organizational Review and Design
  • Office of the CTO Enablement
  • Interim CIO/CTO
  • Interim CSO/CISO

Mentoring and Advisory

Our leadership consulting augments the Mentoring and Advisory services we provide to select clients. Typically these are directly led by Director level consultants and Practice leads. Our trusted advisory status with C-Level often “tell it as it is”; Thought leadership often define ‘leading practices’ beyond ‘best practices’

Our Mentoring and Advisory

  • Monthly Retainers to CTOs, CIOs, and Chief Architects
  • Technology Investment Advisory to CFO and CEO
  • Private Equity and Board-Level Technology and Investment Advisory

Data Privacy Assessment

Ascend’s Data Privacy project will assess the company’s risk exposure of confidential and sensitive data, the level of potential risks impacts to business and technology, develop future state, conduct gap analysis and remediation plans along with a pragmatic roadmap.

Our Key Objectives

  • Comprehensive assessment of all PII data across the company
  • Clarity on risks exposure and the risks impact
  • Regulatory compliance requirements coverage
  • Technology, Process deficiencies, technical debts and architecture impacts
  • Tangible remediation plan and future state roadmap
  • Assess the current state addressing the major regulatory compliance requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap and a remediation action plan
  • Assess current state data, systems, process and people focusing towards customers/consumers PII


Technology Strategy Solutions

Creating transformative value for our clients by choosing the right Enterprise Architecture and executing it with sound IT Strategy that result in synergetic Technology outcomes.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Enabling digital strategy, roadmap and full lifecycle implementation of client’s digital solutions integrated to core business processes.

Business Analytics Solutions

Offering key client insights with a 360° view and real time insights that are customer centric.